Offering Edomae aged sushi




The ultimate in deliciousness is "aging"

~I will take you beyond the limit of taste~


Commitment to aging sushi "Wako"

We offer "the taste of aged sushi that exceeds that of fresh fish sushi" .

With the advanced aging technology that requires many

years of training

Please enjoy the "extreme taste" that has been raised to the

maximum value .


Aged sushi covered by the concept of "fresh is delicious"

Aged sushi exceeds the limit of taste that can be produced with

fresh fish sushi

It is attracting attention as a dish .

In Kazukokoro the aging sushi good fresh sushi to put out alternately

The customer's tongue is very rare

To be satisfied.

Skilled craftsmanship

Aging technology acquired through more than 10 years of training

Pair the sake that suits it.

By synergistically matching umami,

It brings out the flavor to the extreme that we have to pursue.

Aging depends on the enzyme, time, temperature and humidity.

The protein of fish is broken down

It is an amino acid (inosinic acid) method that maximizes

the original taste.



▼ Amber toro aged for 2 weeks

The abdomen part of the amberjack is aged in a region called Otoro.

Melts the moment you put it in your mouth.

▼One week aged peony caviar on top


▼ One week aged Engawa broiling


Compared to the body, Engawa has a high fat content, so the oil oozes out when roasted. It is recommended to roast and eat immediately.


Glutamic acid, inosinic acid, guanylic acid

Takumi's technology that maximizes the "three major

flavor ingredients"


The umami component of fish is not contained as much

as fresh fish.

Many fish are landed and after a while, inosinic

acid is produced.

When the amount of inosinic acid is increasing to the

limitThe most delicious condition.

The aging period varies depending on the fish body

and size,

As inosinic acid is further decomposed, it will be decomposed.

There is a need for a craftsman to judge it.

With the fish that produced inosinic acid

Konbu of glutamic acid component when cooking rice

Put dried shiitake mushroom containing guanylate

The synergistic effect of umami makes you feel the 

umami explosively .

Originally Edomae sushi has a culture of offering fish

for a few days

In addition, I worked on vinegar tightening, roasting, dipping,

and various other jobs.

In the modern era, scientifically unraveling the umami component,

It 's been about 10 years ago .

The delicate amount of umami's unique umami ingredients and

how to combine them is a secret method.

Come and try sushi that has never been eaten, packed with

all three major flavor ingredients Enjoy


▼It's delicious even if it roasts